Take a bite out of life with scrumptious baked goods from our bakery in Brooklyn, New York. At Falcone's Baking Corp, we are dedicated to indulging you with only the best breads and sweets. Whether you have a craving for something savory and salty or something light and sweet, our ever-changing inventory contains freshly baked products that cater to every palate.​


Our flatbreads are a delicious change of pace from your usual crackers. We package our flatbread in individual 4.5 oz. wrappings, 5oz box and in 5 lb. foodservice bulk boxes When you purchase in bulk, please note that each box contains 6 (six) 13 oz trays of flatbread. Roughly the size of three ordinary crackers, choose from our selection of spiced toppings, including:

• Everything • Cinnamon • Vegetable • Garlic • Dill & Garlic  
• Combo • Whole Wheat Sesame Combo • Whole Wheat Combo
 • Sesame • Garlic - Sesame • Original Sesame 


Spice up your dinner table with our breadsticks. Each case of contains 21 individually wrapped packages and is available in your choice of five savory flavors, including:

• Whole Wheat Sesame • Garlic Sesame • Sesame • Everything • Plain

Also Available in a variety of different sizes:
• Sesame 12/10oz • Sesame 5LB • Sesame 125/2PK • Sesame 12/4.5oz Box


You never have to look too far for something sweet and delectable when you turn to our bakery. Our signature cookies are made from trusted bakery recipes in order to leave you with the sweetest taste in your mouth. Available in 12-count packages, we have a wide variety of cookies, including:

• Anisette Toast • Anisette Sponge (Seasonal) • Lemon Sponge (Seasonal) • Sorrento
• Regina Sesame • Vanilla / Chocolate Chip Toast  • Chocolate Coconut Treats • Almond Toast • Chocolate Sorrentini • Cinnamon Twist• Continental Bars • Vanilla Bars
• Sorrentini • Raspberry Bars 


The authentic taste of bagels from New York City bakeries.
Crumble them on a salad, add a little crunch to a soup or eat ‘em out of the bag

• Roasted Garlic Panentini • Parmesan Cheese Panentin i• Garlic Chips • Sea Salt Chips
• Plain Chips • Sesame Chips • Cinnamon Raison Chips • Everything Chips
• Garlic Mini Chips